We are New Yorkers who believe that together, we can reimagine our great city with spaces and experiences that include, inspire and empower.
From the Meatpacking District to the Lower East Side, from Brooklyn to the Bronx, Taconic is transforming the urban landscape and revitalizing neighborhoods that New Yorkers love.

At Taconic, we believe the future is now. Our success comes from foreseeing and understanding what is possible and desirable in the urban experience. We not only anticipate change, but also create and guide it. We know the best way to stay ahead of the competition is to think what’s never been thought and to do what hasn’t been done before. We rethink buildings and re-imagine urban neighborhoods, weaving what already is with what might be.

We are New Yorkers who believe that together we can reimagine our great City with spaces and experiences that excite, invite, inspire and empower. Since 1997, our team has successfully developed and repositioned over 12 million square feet of office, mixed-use, and retail space, and close to 6,500 units of for-sale and rental multi-family housing, with a total transaction value of over $5 billion.

We know how to develop smartly and build sustainably – making the city we love greater, with spaces that thrill and neighborhoods that thrive.

It works because we partner. Because we act thoughtfully and responsibly. Because we know it takes true collaboration to improve the City for everyone.

Taconic. The places we make, make us.
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